The I•R 100 award was presented 1978 to EM Laboratories Division of E. Merck for the development of phenylcyclohexanes (PCHs) by Industrial Research/Development.


Japan Display 1992 outstanding poster paper award to M. Kreuzer, T.Tschudi and R. Eidenschink for High resolution Projection Displays by use of Filled Nematics (nano particles in nematics).


On October 6th the Russian Society for Liquid Crystals "Sodruschestvo" awarded Rudolf Eidenschink with the Fredericks medal for his works on the chemistry of liquid crystals.


The Society For Information Display's (SID) awarded on May 16th 2011 Rudolf Eidenschink the Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize for his invention and development of low-birefrigence, fast-responding, and highly stable phenyl-cyclohexane (PCH) and bicyclohexane (CCH) liquid crystal families, enabling the advancement of thin-film-transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCs).