Chemie der Flüssigkristalle (Chemistry of Liquid Crystals)


Flüssige Kristalle (Liquid Crystals)
R. Eidenschink, Chem. Uns. Zeit 18, 168 (1984)


Abstract: A survey of thermotropic liquid crystalline compounds and their application in display techniques is given.


Liquid Crystals - New Compounds, New Applications,
R. Eidenschink, Angew. Chem. Adv. Mater. 101, 1454 (1989)


Abstract: The chemical structures of nematogenic, smectogenic and discogenic  compounds for display applications are outlined. New concepts such as using hydrogen bonds to cause about molecular order in fluids as well as transition metal complexes as mesogenics building bulks are discussed. The possibilities of new applications of liquid crystals in laser techniques, engineering and as reaction media are referred to.


Properties of Dyes for Liquid Crystal Displays,
R. Eidenschink, Kontakte (Darmstadt) 1984 (2), 25.


Abstract: The required properties of dyes acting as guest molecules in liquid crystal matrices such as high order parameters, high absorption coefficients, high solubilities and good stabilities are outlined (34 refs.). Particular attention is given to the correlation between dye structure and order parameter.



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